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The Sealed Kunai: Naruto's Ladies (Harem) by JuPMod The Sealed Kunai: Naruto's Ladies (Harem) by JuPMod
To those who have read the fanfic "The Sealed Kunai" by Kenchi618, you would recognized the significant of this Naruto harem art. Yep, these are the seven ladies in the fic that have fallen for Naruto. I had decided to finally honor Kenchi618 with commissioning an art dedicated to his greatest (and finished) Naruto fanfic "The Sealed Kunai", and I'd thought what better way to honor the fic by showing Naruto and the seven lovely girls who ended up smitten for the blond whiskered Konoha shinobi. :D

This Naruto harem art, dedicated to the fanfic "The Sealed Kunai", was cropped from a commission done for me by the talented :iconstray-ink92:! :)

After I saw Stray-Ink92's art and her commission prices, I knew she would be ideal to do this Naruto harem from "The Sealed Kunai". After I gave her all the information I have from Kenchi618, especially regarding the two female OCs from the fic, Stray managed to put together this wonderful group shot of Naruto with the seven ladies who have fallen in love with him - Yugito Nii, Temari, Maki (OC with black hair), Hamako (OC with white hair), Tayuya, Tenten, and Samui. I am very happy wth this, given all the girls look great, especially the OCs, whom Stray has done the best she can do to make them look as close as they are described in the fanfic. :)

Now for those of you, who have not read "The Sealed Kunai", I want you to know that Naruto in the fanfic is *not* the same as he is in canon, and the reason is that he was trained by Root at a very early age. Oh, don't jump to conclusions, thinking Danzo had managed to turn him into a thoughtless, mindless weapon. Nope, did not turn out that way. Let's just say that given his experiences, Naruto grew up in a different way than Canon-Naruto, thus why his tastes in women are different. This is why one does not see either Sakura or Hinata in this harem. Also certain events in the fic are different than canon, which why one can see Yugito and Tayuya are alive here. 

I'm not going to spoil everything. If anyone is curious to read "The Sealed Kunai". I recommend to read it at Fanfiction Net by clicking on the following link. Just a warning that the fic is Rated M due to a few *intimate* scenes (and some blood). ;) -->…

Now back to those who have read the fic, I can hear "Why are Tenten and Samui there? They're not intimate with Naruto." Just because they have not *bedded* him does not mean they're not interested in him. Tenten and Samui are the only two out of the seven whom have not went far in the fic to have an intimate relationship with Naruto. Yet since it is clear in "The Sealed Kunai" that Tenten and Samui have deep feelings for Naruto, I consider them part of the harem. :)

I want to be on the record regarding the heights of the characters. Anyone should know that just because certain characters are the same age, it does not mean they are the same height.  Not everyone end up with the same height as they grow through their teenage years, and the Naruto characters are no exception. Hamako (the white-haired girl) is the same age as Naruto, yet she is described as 'petite' in the fic thus why I consider her the shortest of the group. Maki (black haired girl) too is the same age as Naruto yet she too is shorter but I place her least taller than Hamako. Despite Tayuya is the same age as Temari, I thought she would not grow that much.  The other girls are pretty much what their heights should be as they are seen in canon. Well... As close as their heights should be. :D

Now this art is just a cropped close-up. If anyone wants to see the full-body, uncrop version, I highly recommend to check it out at :devspray-ink92:'s page by clicking on the thumbnail below. For fans of "The Sealed Kunai", you should check it out, for it shows Hamako's full-figure body in that tight shorts she wears in the fic. :D

Paypal Commission: Naruto's Harem by Stray-Ink92

Last, I want to point out something in the art so there will not be any confusion. Naruto's arms are hanging over Maki and Tayuya's shoulders (Yes that tattooed arm is Naruto's as described in the fic), and Temari and Tenten's left hands are on Naruto's arms. I had at first wanted Temari and Tenten's hands on Naruto's shoulders, but since his shoulders can't been seen due to Maki and Tayuya being in front of him, Stray-Ink92 thought it would be better to have the girls' hands on Naruto's arms. Turned out it was better. :)

So there you have it! Naruto and his seven lovely ladies from the awesome fanfic "The Sealed Kunai" by Kenchi618! A big salute to Kenchi618 for writing up this great Naruto fanfic, and I again thank Stray-Ink92 for going a great job with this commisison art! Thanks! :highfive: 

Naruto, Yugito, Tenten, Temari, Tayuya, and Samui (c) Kishimoto
Maki and Hamako Kiyomizu (OCs) created by Kenchi618 
Art done by Stray-Ink92
Commissioned art own by JuPMod


WARNING! - This art is a commission done for me. Since I paid for this art, NO ONE is allowed to copy, edit, and/or repost/redistribute this art in any way, anywhere. This includes the art on Stray-Ink92's page. Only I and Stray-Ink92 have authority to do anything we want with this art. Please respect our wishes.
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Shipwreck5897 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  New member
This is an amazing piece of work. It really captures all of the qualities perfectly..
DragnBoi65 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll have to check this fanfic out
spyrilmaster Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014  New member
Nice scar on his eye
TheWickedTruth89 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
I loved that story and I'm really glad to see this picture
Crazyax101 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
What about karui I know that it seemed that she was crushing on him in like chap 17
JuPMod Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
Problem is that she was not developed enough (IMO) to actually see whether she have any deep feelings for Naruto, so I left her out given she was a complete unknown. 
Crazyax101 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
Alright is she gonna be in the harem or naw also what's IMO :/
JuPMod Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014
IMO - In My Opinion.

No, she's not going to be in the harem. I stated it was not clear in the fic she had any deeper feelings for Naruto, so I left her out when I had ordered this commission. There is no indication, unlike Samui, Karui ever hinted she wanted to be more than 'friends' with Naruto. 
Crazyax101 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014
K thanks :)
Tayu-Tayu Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  New member
Tayuya best girl. Great picture btw!
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