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Naruto Uzumaki Pairing Meme (JuPMod's Thoughts)

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 22, 2015, 8:21 AM
This journal has taken several days to write-up. As all my Watchers should know by now, several days ago, Eggheadcobra had made a NarutoPairing meme which Naruto fans can tell everyone which Naruto pairing they love, like, dislike, etc.  Given I'm a NarutoPairing fan (I only pair off the girls with Naruto. I really do not have feelings for any other Naruto guy.), I jumped on the bandwagon to use the meme to tell what I feel about certain Naruto pairings.

So I did the meme and posted it in my gallery ( Naruto Uzumaki Pairing Meme (JuPMod's choices) ). Yet I had wanted to also give my explanations to my choices, yet I knew it would be take time to write-up and that it will take up too much space in the description. So I'd decided to write everything on WordPad and copy-and-paste to Journal.

So here it is! My NarutoPairing meme with all the pairing explanations below. :)

A few notes before getting to the 'explantions'....

- The meme, you see below, is Version 1. I took it and made a few changes, like adding Yugito and Temari. I also changed the 'Hate' category to 'Don't Like / Don't Care' given I do not hate any pairing at all.  Eggheadcobra made a Version 2 and then the final one in Version 3, but by the time he made those versions, I already finished using Version 1. So I posted Version 1, given it would be too much to do everything all over again for the other versions.

If anyone wants to see the blank meme to use for yourself, check it out here. --> Naruto Uzumaki Pairing Meme (Blank) by Eggheadcobra

- Not every Naruto girl is seen/mentioned. Eggheadcobra only have so much room in his meme. If anyone is curious to what I think of Naruto paired with a girl not mentioned, you can ask me in the comments. :)

- MAJOR DISCLAIMER: What you are going to see and read below are the feelings, thoughts, and opinions of only me, JuPMod. They do not represent anyone else regarding these pairings. Everyone have their own feelings, thoughts, and opinions regarding pairings in the Naruto series, and mine are just mine.  People are more than welcome to discuss these Naruto pairings in a civil manner in the comments below. I do not want people coming here to flame, diss, or start wars, like "YUCK! You're sick to like this pairing! I like (pairing) and it's better than yours!" Do everyone a favor by not bothering to comment if you only have such bad intentions in mind.

Alright! Let's get things started! Enjoy reading the meme and my explanations! :)

If anyone wants to see a bigger version of this meme, click here -->


The explantions below starts with Naruto/Ayame on the top left corner and goes clockwise until it ends with Naruto/Kurenai.

1) Naruto/Ayame: Ayame is the only civilian girl in the whole manga/anime that I really love pairing Naruto with. Being the daughter of Teuchi, the owner of Ramen Ichiraku, she had not ever mistreated Naruto for being a jinchuuriki, for she always had seen him as human. She and her father were most likely Naruto's first real friends in a village that mostly do not like him for being the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. Ayame is sweet and kind, and I just can't help but feel she would be good for Naruto in a romantic relationship. Heck, I see her as one of three candidates for taking Naruto's virginity and teaching Naruto everything about sex, love, etc. :)

2) Naruto/Fuuka: Honestly, I do not like the idea of Naruto paired with Fuuka. She did try to literally suck the life out him, and further more, her beauty is not even real. She's really a very old woman whose soul is in that red wig of a hair. Ugh! So, no, I really can't see a relationship is possible between these two.

3) Naruto/Sasame: Despite she only appeared once in an anime-filler arc, I really love the idea of Naruto and Sasame paired together.  She's a kind and loving girl, and given her kunoichi skills, she is likely to grow into a strong woman to help her Fuuma Clan.  Also I have to say that she would grow-up to be quite an exotic woman with that lovely orange hair of hers, and we all know how much Naruto love the color orange. :D So yep, I really love these two together. :)

4) Naruto/Samui: I like Samui. She's a strong and confident kunoichi, and there is no doubt she is quite a beauty, especially with those breasts that rivals Tsuande's. :D Yet I just can't see her in a solo relationship with Naruto. Maybe because she deos not seem much to be warm in personality. I can see her as part of a harem for Naruto though.

5) Naruto/Anko: I truly do love Anko. She's wild and crazy, and when she first met Naruto, during the Konoha Chuunin Exams, I can feel the great chemistry between them. I read many great fics of them being playful, crazy, etc.  I can not find any girl more suited for Naruto's wild side than Anko. :) Yet honestly, I really can not see Anko in a solo relationhip with Naruto, anymore than Samui. Maybe because their chemistry feels more like Older Sister/Younger Brother than anythinhg romantic. I can see her though being wild to maybe take Naruto's virginity and teach him things, and I do see her being part of a harem.  Yet not in a relationship with Naruto alone. (Note: I really hate what Kishimoto did to Anko in Chapter 700. He turned a confident and beautiful kunoichi into a fat slob! NO! MY ANKO! :( )

6) Naruto/Fuu: I love this pairing! Fuu is a jinchuuriki, just like Naruto, so she would understand and know the personal harshships Naruto had gone through, given she went through them herself. Not only this, thanks to the Suna Chuunin Exams anime-filler arc, it was reveal Fuu have a quirky, fun, and highly spirited personality! Kami! If she and Naruto ever had met, they would hit it off right away!  She's ideal for Naruto! Their relationship would be fun and quite loving. :heart:

7) Naruto/Hanabi: I like the idea of Naruto and Hanabi together as a couple. I read some good fanfics of these two together, and I can see it could be possible. She does not see Naruto in a 'big brother' way (prior to him marrying Hinata in The Last movie), so it left things open for the idea of Hanabi can become something more to Naruto as she gets older. Hanabi is the only girl younger than Naruto I like to see paired with him.

8) Naruto/Hinata: I like Hinata, yet she's not a strong and confident kunoichi in the beginning. Her shyness and lack in confidence keeps getting in the way of telling Naruto how she feels about him. Heck, even after she finally confessed during the 'Pain Invaded Konoha' arc, she (and Naruto) did not follow up on that confession and left things hanging. So I like her, but not enough to make me put her in the 'love' category regarding her paired with Naruto. I personally think he needs a much stronger and confident woman.

9) Naruto/Hotaru: I truly do not care for this pairing. The reason why is simple... Hotaru likes Utakata. I understand she suppose to have a Teacher/Student relationship with Utakata, but I can't help but feel the chemistry that they have somethinhg special between them. It's sad he was taken by Pain and died, yet it did not lessen the bond I felt between Hokaru and Utakata. So no, I truly can not feel a relationship between Naruto and Hotaru is possible, and not even in a harem or hentai art or fics. She belongs with Utakata.

10) Naruto/Ino: I did not like Ino at all in the original Naruto series. She was a selfish, wailing banshee, who berated Naruto for even trival things. Not to mention she was huge Sasuke fangirl, making her even worse. Yet she matured over time, especially in Shippuuden, thus she came to appreciate Naruto better. It was why I went from 'Don't like' to 'like' when it comes to Naruto pairing with Ino. Heck, Ino even stated that she was beginning to like Naruto at the end of the 'Pain Invading Konoha' arc.  :)

11) Naruto/Shizuka: I'm okay with her. She's pretty and a strong kunoichi, yet I find her village's 'law' to be quite silly, where a man have to defeat her in order to win her hand in marriage. JIraiya, before he died, made a promise to Shizuka's mentor that his student would fight Shizuka for her hand in marriage, and of course, this 'promise' brought Naruto a problem he does not want. If he does not defeat Shizuka, she would kill him, yet defeating her would make him stay in her village to marry her. A no-win situtation either way. Everything worked out in the end, yet overall, I could feel that Shizuka have no feelings for Naruto and vice-versa. For me, Shizuka is best in hentai fan art, hentai fanfics, etc. Just not in a real relationship with Naruto.

12) Naruto/Shizune: What can I say? I just love the notion of Naruto and Shizune together as a pair. She is warm, sweet, and a strong kunoichi who happens to be a great medic as well. From the moment she met Naruto, Shizune saw Naruto for who he is as a person, not as a jinchuuriki. Out of all the older women, she is one of two women I feel can have a solo relationship with Naruto, and given her sweet and loving personality, I can see she (being one of three possible candidates) would be ideal to teach Naruto about sex and take his virginity. So overall, I truly love the idea of Naruto and Shizune as a couple. :) (Note: I have read a particular hentai doujin that gave me the idea that Shizune would be suited to teach Naruto sex and take his virginity. It was a nice doujin that made me feel they grew more closer by the end of the story. :))

13) Naruto/Tenten: For awhile, this had been my One True Pairing, and it was thanks to me writing up my NaruTen fanfic "Unexpected Love". By the time I had finished the fic, I truly love the notion of Naruto and Tentne together as couple. Tenten is slightly older than Naruto (by a year and half), and she knew from the beginning how to be a kunoichi. She's smart, strong, and will not take any shit, just as I like to see in kunoichi. Yet when off-duty, she's warm, sweet, and is a pleasant person to speak to. Overall, she's the type of woman I see would fit Naruto to help him and keep him in line at times, for she is not shy and lack confidenc,e like Hinata, nor does she have a quick tempor and jump to conclusions, like Sakura. Tenten fits well between Sakura and Hinata on the spectrum, and that is the type of woman Naruto should have in his life. :)

14) Naruto/Temari: This couple ranks right up on the top next to Naruto/Tenten as my top favorites. Temari is just like Tenten, for she is a strong and confident kunoichi who does not take any shit, yet she can be a warm and nice person who can help Naruto and keep him in line when needed.  Being two years older than Naruto, her intelligence and knowledge of how poliitcs work makes her more ideal for Naruto, given she could help him regarding how to be a Hokage, etc. I read many great NaruTema fics, and they pretty much convinced me that Naruto and Temari are great together as a couple. :) (Note: Given I love both NaruTen and NaruTema, it prompted me to love the threesome idea of Naruto/Tenten/Temari, which shows in some of the threesome commissions in my dA gallery. :D )

15) Naruto/Tsunade: I like this pairing. Tsunade is the eldest woman I ever read and seen paired with Naruto in fanfics, hentai doujins, fan art, etc.  Given how close they are, I can understand why, not to mention she is lovely. Besides, the idea of Naruto getting it on with the Fifth Hokage has some appeal to those of us who fantasized getting it on with a person of power. XD Yet the downside I have with Tsunade is that in the manga and anime Naruto only sees her as a mother figure. The tone I feel is more of a 'mother and son' than any chemistry of romantic nature. Not to mention that her beauty is nothing but an advance henge to cover up the fact that she is wrinklly and old.  So overall, I don't mind Tsunade as a part of a harem, but I really do not see Naruto and her having a solo relationship on their own.

16) Naruto/Sakura: Honestly, I really did not like Sakura in the original Naruto series. Like Ino, she have a short temper. She wails like a bashee at times, especailly at Naruto, and what really I do not like about her is that she mostly hits Naruto especailly for small things. I really can not understand Naruto's crush for Sakura, given how much she mistreated him and knowing she is a big Sasuke fangirl. Yet over time, especially in Shippuuden, Sakura matured and began to grow up. She began to see how much she came to appreciate Naruto and how great a shinobi Naruto has become. Because of this, like Ino, I began to like the notion of Naruto being with his long time crush. :)

17) Naruto/Yuugao: I truly do have any feelings for this Naruto pairing. They have not ever interacted in the manga and anime, and I have not ever read any good fanfics that convinced me that she is good for Naruto in a romantic relationship. Further more, she loves Hayate, who died just before the start of the Oto-Suna Invasion of Konoha, yet even years later in Shippuuden, she still mourns the lost of Hayate, which shows how deep her love is for her late lover. I don't mind having Yuugao as a part of a harem or seeing her in hentai art and comics, given she is quite a beautiful woman. It's just overall she just does not have any conection with Naruto to make me feel she and Naruto make a good pairing.

18) Naruto/Konan: I really love Konan and the notion of her and Naruto together as a couple. She is one of a few older women I place in the 'love' category when it comes to pairing up with Naruto. She is a very strong and powerful kunoichi, least S-rank, yet she is also a very beautiful woman who cares deeply for those clsoe to her.  Her first love, Yahiko, have some similiar traits with Naruto, and after Nagato died at the end of the 'Pain Invasion of Konoha' arc, Konan vowed to be on Naruto's side as the new ruler of Ame and to protect him and his dream to bring world peace. I can feel that things can become a lot more between Naruto and Konan, given how much Naruto is like Yahiko and Nagato which two Konan was deeply close. So overall, I truly love Naruto and Konan as a couple. It's just too bad she died at Obito's hands, for she would have become a great ally for Naruto.  :)

19) Naruto/Karui: I'm on the boarder between 'Okay' and 'Don't like' with Kurai., so I place her in the 'Okay' category. I just do not like her attitude. She reminds me of Sakura when she was a genin in the original Naruto series. She's brash and have a quick temper. Yet unlike Sakura, she's a strong and talented kunoichi, given she's a Chuunin, so this shows she does not take being a kunoichi for granted. Overall, I just do not feel Karui can fit Naruto in a relationship. As far as I'm concern, Chouji can have her. (Note: I really did not like the scene where Karui beat-up Naruto. That scene made no sense to me, given Naruto and Sakura could just say they do not know where Sasuke is. Sheesh! (roll eyes))

20) Naruto/Karin: Honestly, I do not like the idea of Naruto paired with Karin solo. In harems, I likely do not mind. The reason why I do not like her paired with Naruto is due that she is far more psycho than Sakara with an even quicker temper.  I know she's an Uzumaki, thus I could see Naruto trying to communicate with her due to them sharing the same family, yet I really can not accept her a romantic lover for Naruto. 

21) Naruto/Kayuya: Are... You... Kidding... Me!? The idea of Naruto paired with this... Evil woman is crazy! She was aiming to exterminate the human race by turning everyone into White Zetsus! So I really do not like the notion of shipping Naruto with Kaguya.  Any fanfic would have to make her personality be way out-of-character to even make a relationship with Naruto work.  The only good thing about her is that she is quite a lovely woman, thus why I do not mind seeing her with Naruto in hentai fan art and comics. So in the end, I will not ever accept Naruto paired with this bitch. It's better for everyone in the Naruto World that Kaguya stays dead. (Note: There is currently a funny and interesting hentai doujin drawn by Reit-9 that have Kaguya be a horny slut. I find making her personlity like this quite amusing and entertaining. :))

22) Naruto/Isaribi: Well... I think she's okay. I know that she and Naruto have a lot in common when it comes to be branded 'outcasts'. Yet their interaction does not made much chemistry to me, thus I just shrug regarding Isaribi and Naruto being a couple.

23) Naruto/Ryuuzetsu: I have to say that I really love the interactions and chemistry between Naruto and Ryuuzetsu in the movie 'Naruto; Blood Prison'.  They complimented each other well, showing how well they can work together. It does not hurt that Ryuuzetsu is a lovely, very strong, and talented kunoichi. She's smart too, given she is an ANBU in Grass Country. The ending in the movie pretty much touched me when she kiseed an unconscious Naruto as she used her blood-line powers to bring him back to life at the cost of her own life. I say that if Ryuuzetsu had survived, I defintiely like to notion of she and Naruto together. :heart:

24) Naruto/Sara: Just like Ryuuzetsu, I can't help but to love the interactions and chemistry Sara has with Naruto in the movie 'Naruto Shippuuden: The Lost Tower'.  Sara is not a kunoichi, yet as a teenage queen, she knows the responsibility of ruling a kingdom, thus when she found out the conspiracy against her and her people, she rose to the occastion to help Naruto defeat the bad guy and help free her people. Sara truly is a kind and caring person, and near the end of the movie, she shows she have guts to fight, despite having no skills as a warrior. By the very end, I love Sara, and I thought she would be ideal to pair up with Naruto in a relationship. It's just sad that Naruto and Sara lived in different time eras, not to mention their memories erased regarding Naruto's brief time in Sara's time era. I feel if 'The Lost Tower' had occured in Naruto's time era, Naruto and Sara would have gotten closer, etc. :)

25) Naruto/Amaru: By the end of the movie 'Naruto Shippuuden: Bonds', I love the idea of pairing Naruto and Amaru. Out all the movie girls, she's the only girl who is not a ruler or kunoichi, for she's a civilian medic in training. Yet despite this, she's quite feisty and not afraid to talk-up to Naruto or fight when she have to. I can feel the bonds between Naruto and Amaru slowly form over the course of the movie, and when Amaru jumped off the air-boat to fall after Naruto and they have a loving embrace together as they fall from the sky, my heart melted and just knew Naruto/Amaru would be one of the Naruto parings I can't help but love. :love:

26) Naruto/Shion: When I saw 'Naruto Shippuuden: The Movie', I couldn't help but to find it incredible that Shion looks like Hinata with that same hairstyle and head shape yet with blonde hair and lavender eyes. However, their personalities are different, given Shion, being a priestess, is cold and dstant to everyone around her.  So at first, I did not like Shion, but over the course of the movie, as she interacts with Naruto, her cold self was just a front to protect herself from being hurt, given she can see events in the future that involve those she cares dying. Naruto manages to get her caring once more, and by the end of the movie, I can feel how close Shion have gotten to Naruto, for she have fallen in love with him. This really made me love Naruto and Shion as a couple. Yet what really made me love this pairing more was the very end where Shion asks Naruto that he can help her with passing her powers to the next priestess, and Naruto agrees to help her, not aware that Shion was hinting that she wants him to conceieve a child with her. I laughed at all the shock expressions as Naruto said, "Whatever it takes!" That line really made me love this pairing the more! :D (Note: That line inspired me to write a fanfic titled the same as the line. It's nice short fic regrding the aftermath of the movie. :))

27) Naruto/Koyuki: My love for the movie girls has stopped upon seeing Koyuki in the very first Naruto movie 'Naruto: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow.' I place her in the 'Like' category given she was a real bitch for sometime in the movie. She was quite selfish and did not even care for returning to Snow Country to help her people. Yet over time, thanks to Naruto, she began to open her heart and truly see there is hope for the future, especially after Naruto defeats her evil uncle.  So by end, I like the idea of Naruto and Koyuki together, yet only with Naruto's Shippuuden self, not his younger 13 year old self. I read a few fics that made think Koyuki would be ideal to teach Naruto about sex and take his virginity. The fics take place during Naruto's two-three year training trip with Jiraiya. The duo visits Snow/Spring Country and meets Koyuki again, and given Naruto is 14 or 15, Koyuki takes advantage to seduce Naruto and 'thanks' him for helping her years earlier. :D

28) Naruto/Moegi: I don't like this pairing at all. Why? Because throughout the Naruto series, Naruto's relationship with Moegi feels like the 'Older Brother/Younger Sister' type. As part of the Konohamaru Corps, she pretty much worship Naruto in a Big Brother way as she, Konohamaru, and Udon learn things from Naruto.  So I do not feel Moegi is suited for Naruto for a romantic relationship. Given how much their chemistry feels like 'Older Brother/Younger Sister,' I just can't accept them as a pair. Heck, I do not even like the notion of hentai art of them together either.

29) Naruto/Mei: Mei Terumi is one of the most gorgeous kunoichi in the entire Naruto World. She's strong, talented, intelligent, and not a pushover, especially given she's the Fifth Mizukage of Kiri. Given her quirky and fun personality, I can see her teasing Naruto as she flirts with him. He would be intimidate by her strong approach, yet I think Naruto would gain confidence to be in a romantic relationship with the much lovely older woman. So many great fanfics made this pairing seem plausible to me, given how great a chemistry these two would have if they gotten together. Heck, I read and seen some great hot hentai fics and art of Naruto and Mei, making me more convinced these two can be quite a hot couple.  Hot as lava!  So yeah, I know these two have only met once in the entire Nrauto series, yet given their personalities, I can't help but to love the idea of these Naruot and Mei as a romantic pair. :D

30) Naruto/Mabui:  I'm sure most fans would agree with me that Mabui is one of the most exotic and gorgeous women in the Naruto World, not to mention she is a strong kunoichi with an unique jutsu. It's why Ay, the Fourth Raikage, had wanted her for his assistant. From the brief scenes of her in the anime, I presume she has a gentle and sweet personality. Despite Naruto has not ever interacted with Mabui in the entire series, I just can't help but like the idea of Naruto paired with Mabui, not only in a solo relationship but also as part of a harem. I've read and seen plenty of hentai fics and art of Naruto with Mabui, and I definitely think they make one hot couple. :D

31) Naruto/Yugito: Yugito Nii is the only other female jinchuuriki next to Fuu, and like Fuu, I love the notion of Naruto and Yugito as a pair. Just like all jinchuuriki, I'm sure Yugito has experienced harshships from people for being a byjuu container, thus she and Narutou would understand each other's pain and suffering.  Being a jounin kunoichi, she is more serious a person than Fuu, yet she does not appear to be a cold-hearted person. I think as she gets to know Naruto and vice-versa, she would like him and Naruto would like her.  Next to Fuu, Yugito have a lot of good fanfics pairing her with Naruto in a solo relationship, and those fics convinced me even more that Yugito would be ideal for Naruto. :) (Note: Given I love both Fuu and Yugito paired with Naruto, it led me to loving the idea of them in a threesome - Naruto/Yugito/Fuu. I had commissioned a few fan art showing these three together. :D) (Second Note: Given I love both threesomes of Naruto/Tenten/Temari and Naruto/Yugito/Fuu, it led me to placing them all together in one group of five. I commissioned a few art of these five together. ;))

32) Naruto/Kurotsuchi: Honestly, I really don't care about this pairing. It makes no sense to me in any way. Not only do they have not ever interacted, there are no fanfics (as far as I know) that are good to even say Naruto and Kurotsuchi are good together as a couple. Heck, I really have no feelings for even hentai fics and art of this pairing, including harems. So overall, I just can not accept Naruto with Kurotscuchi.

33) Naruto/Kurenai: There is no doubt that Kurenai is yet another gorgeous kunoichi in the Naruto World. With jet-black hair and exotic red eyes, she certainly ranks up there as one of the gorgeous women in all of Naruto. Being a jounin, she also quite strong and talented as a fighter.  Yet I'm only okay with Kurenai paired with Naruto, and that boils down to one reason - she loves Asuma. Heck, she loves him so much that she had a baby with him. I'm okay though of Naruto and Kurenai in hentai fics and art as well as in harems. So overall, I'm just okay with this pairing, given the fact Kurenai was paired with Asuma in the Naruto series.


So there you have it! My thoughts, feelings, and opinions regarding why I place these Naruto pairings in the categories I chosen.

By the way, I know that Eggheadcobra have added Sari, Matsuri, and Yukata to Version 3 of this meme. Honestly, I really do not care for pairing Naruto with any of these three girls. (I don't mind Naruto with them in harems and hentai fics and art though.) The reason why I do not care for these girls with Naruto is simple... They are Gaara's girls.  They have feelings for Gaara, not Naruto. And no, do not bother to ask me which girl I prefer with Gaara, for I do not have a preference at all. (Note: Long before Yukata was introduced in canon, I mentioned in the last chapter of my NaruTen fic "Unexpected Love" that Gaara married both Sari and Matsuri. I had no preference, so I had Gaara take both girls. Why not? He deserves a lot of loving, like Naruto. ;) )

Anyway, I hope everyone came to enjoy reading my thougths, feelings, and opinions regarding these Naruto pairings. I certainly enjoyed myself, given I'm a big NarutoPairings fan. :)

P.S. - Oh, one more thing.... Please don't mention Elders Chiyo (from Suna) and Koharu (from Konoha). They are *very* old to pair with anyone of Naruto's age. Not to mention the images of them with Naruto makes me want to puke. UGH! :bleh:

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After the Great Purge of Naruto art in Oct. 2011, DeviantArt had deleted a dozen or more Naruto art from my dA account due to 'underage' nudity and sexual content. Well, I'd created a blog to house these 'deleted' works. :)

Stamps that fit my personal views

Llamas are Free Stamp by Krazys-Stamps Don't Thank Me for the Llama by DirtyZephyrAssassin NaruTen Anim Stamp 01 by JuPMod Read artist descriptions by MyStamps Not just Canon stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps TenTen Stamp by ode2sokka I Don't Care if Naruto... by JuPMod _pairings_stamp_1 by KuroiPit Pairings Stamp by fluffy-the-wolf OTP Stamp by agrajagthetesty Tenten is Hot Stamp V2 by JuPMod Artist's comments stamp by Shutsumon Naruko - Stamp by Kizushik Shipping Support Stamp by TrainerKelly Het Stamp by zenia commission by Ambers79 Llama awesome stamp by Arunaudo Stamp - Don't Be HATING by Moony92 Fanfiction by MissBeastie Jiraiya Supports Stamp by SGStamps No i wont give you my points by muddyputty NaruTen Love Stamp by JuPMod No Beggin' for Points by Drache-Lehre Adam Savage -stamp- by Chinchikurin Cartoon Watcher Stamp by Toonfreak Keep it to yourself by Sorceress2000 Ship and Let Ship by Suerte23 Hate Storage Stamp by izka197 NS: Shippuden Temari Fan Stamp by xavs-stamps FT Gajeel and Levy Stamp by Fannochka Kushina love - Stamp by Kaorulov Badge: Mei by TheRedKunoichi Tenten stamp by Purinsesu-stamps Tenten stamp by Purinsesu-stamps Joke's on you art thief by transformer-wannabe Art Theft Stamp by thekyrianne Block the Trolls by Hayakain Canon by deadrabbit13 Mash by phantom Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by hakutan Stop Eating the Stamps by EmeraldTokyo Happy Holidays by Toxic-dolls Don't comment stamp by DragonHeartLuver Meaningful comments stamp by dazza1008 Rock Music Stamp by Davidgtza2 fairy tail stamp by HavickArt Mythbusters stamp 6 by Ilmadur Mythbusters stamp 4 by Ilmadur Mythbusters stamp 7 by Ilmadur Gotta get Back in Time by Demachic Nico Robin Stamp by CamelieMimika Airwolf Stamp by poserfan Coca Cola Stamp by poserfan Hot chocolate - stamp by N0RV1C Canon Stamp by Zorua101


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